About Us

Starting up:

In 1976 I built our first 'A' Frame to tow my autotest car, using it for a number of years, having had some 'unfortunate' experiences with trailers!!! I built a new system to tow my hill climb, sprint and race cars all over the country (I built the auto test and race cars as well)... But that's another story

The Build up:

In 2007, following a request from a customer, we fitted a 'Car A Tow' system to their Diahatsu Sirion, and felt that we could do a better system.

Our first 'A' Frames were an 'improved' version of the Car A Tow, but the limitations of using the proprietary trailer brake/coupling units made us realise that a better design was desirable.

This led to the introduction, in 2013, of the unique 'Integral' 'A' Frame towing system.

Where we are now:
But we didn't stop there; - using our experience in fabrication and welding, we designed and fitted tow bars, chassis extensions and stainless steel bumpers ensuring that they not only looked as unobtrusive as possible but were both light and structurally robust. 

With the advent of type approval for tow bars, of 'cati-bus' and led rear lamps, we begun fitting a variety of type approved bars from a variety of manufacturers, and refining the electronic options for the towing electrics. We also developed both stand alone bumpers, and bumpers to be fitted in conjunctions with the type-approved bars.

But it didn't stop there - we also fit now air suspension awnings, auxiliary heaters, wheelchair ramps and clamping systems, carry out high-spec aerospace quality welding for a variety of customers and are one of the very few companies capable of fitting the auto-clutch to motor-homes. 
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