Bespoke Towbars

Motorhomes registered in April 2012 are required to have a 'Type Approved' tow bar, prior to that date, towbars can be fabricated to suit, subject only to 'Construction and Use' regulations.

It never cease to amaze us, that someone will pay out (many) tens of thousands of pounds for a motorhome, then have it fitted with a lump of rapidly rusting mild steel box section with a tow ball stuck on it, when there are for more attractive options available. In addition to fitting new, we can now replace many of these 'agricultural' bars with our elegant 'discrete' tow bar. We fit our tow bar inside the rear skirt (where possible) and with just the tow ball and its mounting plate being visible.

If a bumper is required, an elegant ALL stainless steel (not a cover) is fitted at the correct height, above the tow ball on independent supports. Obviously, should you require receptical's or for bike or scooter racks, fixed supports, we can fit these. The tow ball can be made to pivot down e.g. for rear locker access, or be entirely removable 'simples'!

In some cases, where the chassis ends well forward of the rear of the vehicle, it is necessary to integrate chassis extension with the tow bar.

Note that our bumpers are entirely stainless steel not just a tin shim of stainless wrapped round a mild steel box

Electrics – unless specifically requested, we always fit a proper 7 way by pass relay and 13 pin plug (wired pins 1-8).

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