Semi Automatic Clutch System:

No need to be restricted to auto vehicles ever again.
Can be fitted on almost any car be it current production, classic or sports, or most vans or motor-caravans (coach built or panel van).
Auto-Clutch a device which eliminates the need use your foot to depress the clutch to change gear. By pressing a button fitted to the existing gear level, the auto-clutch automatically operates the clutch pedal allowing you to be stationary whilst whilst in gear, moving off smoothly just by pressing he accelerator.
Benefits of auto-clutch:
The auto-clutch has many benefits for the driver. It removes the need to use your clutch foot, thus putting less strain on the ankle, knee, hip and back muscles and joints. The Auto-clutch also gives more relaxed driving, especially in towns and heavy traffic and can be fitted to almost any manual vehicle therefore allowing greater vehicle chance choice than with an automatic including classic vintage cars. The Auto-clutch can also be transferred to your next vehicle. The Auto-Clutch can be easily turned off by pressing a switch on the dashboard, meaning people that people no used to the system can drive the vehicle without a problem if the clutch pedal is removed, the vehicle can be driven on an automatic vehicle only licence.The fitting of the Auto-clutch may mean a new vehicle can be exempted from VAT.
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