Q: How heavy can a car be?
A: Most cars weighing less than 1.5 tonnes can be towed using our system , you need to be aware that the quoted kerb wight will normally include 75 kg allowance for the driver however, it must be within the weight limit specified by the motorhome/vehicle manufacturer, and check that the gross train weight is not exceeded and that the total weight is withing  the range allowed by your licence.

Q: Can i tow any car?
A: No most cars can be flat-towed described as 'dingily towing' in the U.S.A. Those which can't: 
  • Cars with 'traditional' auto gearbox which are quite rare now as most small cars use a stepped manual gearbox. 
  • Cars with limited slip differentials which again is quite rare mini coopers have this.
  • Electronically controlled 4 wheel drive models most current Mazda models these apparently use an oil pump fed gearbox.

Q: So whats the best car there?
A: Check out our list, the most common cars we do and work well are Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107/108, Fiat 500, Ford Ka - we always enjoy classics,100 e.g. BMC mini, Citroen 2CV, Scimitar SSI, Street Ka

Q:How do the brakes work?
A: In the same way as a trailer or caravan - using the overrun principle,, using a damped, sliding shaft within the 'A' frame, which in turn pulls a rod attached via a ;bowden' cable to the brake pedal or linkage giving perfectly balanced four wheel braking system.

Q: Doesn't it need a servo to work properly?
A: When did you see a caravan with a servo? both ourselves and 'caratow' have tested typical vehicles with the assistance of our local M.O.T station we recorded un-assisted efficiency in excess of 75% without excessive pressure - the required minimum is 55% and incidentally, there is no regulation that states that the servo must work.

Q: But my car weighs less than 750kg so why do i need brakes?
A: Because the D.O.T classifies a car on a 'A' frame as an trailer, and if a trailer has brakes, they must work.

Q:Can i use the 'A' frame abroad?
A: Yes over 85% of our systems are used by people towing in Europe and beyond - some people have reported problems 'with the 'guarde Seuile' in Spain so you need to note this.

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