We produce both full and refit kits, for our own 'A; Frames, and refit kits for Chris Cox, Armitages, CarATow, Towtal, Smart Tow:

Our own kits come complete with all the parts you should need, including relay(s), diode boxes etc. and a full set of fitting instructions so that you can fit it yourself (but please don't do this unless you have mechanical competence), or for your local garage/towbar fitting centre/nominated fitter to install.

You will note that we don't offer kits for every vehicle we do. On a new make/model we like to fit 2 or 3 ourselves, first, to ensure that the kit will fit properly! Some vehicles vary so much e.g. Fiat Siecento we may need additional information, others e.g. BMW Mini come in such a mind numbing variety that it is is difficult to pin down the exact model (every with the vehicle year). In these cases, the list asks you to 'refer' i.e. to us for advise. The kits are graded 1 to 5, reflecting the degree of difficulty in fitting, 1 being the simplest, 5 requiring a 'trained octopus'!

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